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Why we are so different

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Appraisal of your property

Real estate appraisal is the process of estimating the value of a property by taking into account factors such as location, size and condition. It aims to determine a fair price for sale, purchase or other financial needs.

Professional representation

Our agents act on behalf of their skills, expertise and responsibilities in a specific field. This generally involves ethical and competent conduct in the performance of their professional duties.

Team Meeting
Viewing a Home

Masters of negociations

The art of negotiation involves skillfully and effectively reaching a mutually beneficial agreement between the parties involved, using skills such as communication, persuasion and managing compromise.

Marketing strategies

Marketing a house refers to all the strategies and actions deployed to present and promote the property on the real estate market, with the aim of finding potential buyers and facilitating the sale. This includes advertising, visual presentation, pricing, and other tactics to maximize the home's appeal to potential buyers.

Experts advises

Expert advice is recommendations or suggestions from qualified and experienced professionals in a particular field. This advice aims to provide guidance, relevant information and recommendations based on the expertise of the qualified person, in order to help individuals make informed decisions in a specific area.

Our Expertise

Real estate brokers

  • OACIQ member brokers

  • Valid license for Quebec

  • More than 10 Years of experience in the market

  • Hundreds of active transactions

Legal Advices

  • Our team of notary and lawyers can provide free and legal advices.

  • Title insurance

  • Sutton Secur : A new legal coverage program unique to the market protects Sutton clients

Appraiser and inspectors

  • Partner firms in real estate valuation

  • Building inspectors who are members of several orders accredited in inspection in Quebec

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